Cyber-Attacks From Iran On The Rise Against Texas Agencies

Chris Fox
January 07, 2020 - 4:48 pm
Greg Abbott Iran

Chris Fox


AUSTIN (KRLD) - As tensions rise between the US and Iran so too have the number of cyber-attacks into the computer networks of Texas State agencies.

Governor Abbott cited the cyber terrorism alert after meeting with his Domestic Terrorism Task Force. He quoted the latest figures from the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR).

“They have noticed an increase of attempted attacks from Iran on State agencies at the rate of about ten-thousand per minute (over the past 48 hours). This is something that everybody in the State of Texas needs to be concerned and prepared to be able to address.”

Abbott went on to say that “It’s very important that everybody be particularly vigilant right now about what may happen out of Iran.”

DIR, Executive Director Amanda Crawford, who is a member of the Governor’s Domestic Terrorism Task Force, down-played the urgency of the attacks. She told reporters she had no knowledge of any of them being successful.

“And to be clear, these sorts of attacks happen every day…So…It happened yesterday. It’s going to happen tomorrow. This is just in particular because of events that are going on, we’re being extra vigilant.”

Governor Abbott recommended Texans worried about being hacked go to the DIR web page where there’s a list of Cyber-Security Best Practices.