Dallas Could Update Policy for Contract Workers

Steven Pickering
June 18, 2018 - 4:43 pm
Dallas City Hall

© David Pillow | Dreamstime.com

DALLAS (KRLD) - Officials at Dallas City Hall are considering some tweaks to a policy they set a few years ago for paying outside contractors. The City Council in 2015 voted to require a "living wage" for contract employees that was higher than the federal minimum wage.

The living wage for contract employees like lifeguards or ushers at city cultural facilities was originally set at $10.37. It's gone up a few times since then. Those increases can pose some challenges for contractors as they try to plan their budgets when bidding on city contracts.

"From an administrative perspective, changing it every year does create some issues within the contracts that we have,"  said Elizabeth Reich, the city's Chief Financial Officer. "If we have several different contracts for a similar type of work-force...that's where we see the movement of the work-force. We have the vendor come back and say 'we have too much turnover', and that's expensive for an employer. They're asking that we modify our contracts to allow them to raise that wage and pass that expense to the city."

A committee of the City Council was briefed on those issues today and could take up the changes at a future meeting. The current living wage for city contractors is $10.94 per hour. It's scheduled to go up to $11.15 per hour in October.