Dallas County Health Department Seeks Help From Retired Nurses

L.P. Phillips
March 26, 2020 - 3:27 pm

    DALLAS (KRLD) - The Dallas County Health Department is asking for help from retired nurses. 

    County Health Director Doctor Philip Huang says the county switchboard is being overrun by people asking questions about the COVID 19 virus. 

    "We're anticipating increases in the number of cases some of the care that's needed," he said.  "We get a lot of questions and a lot of questions a lot of calls regarding persons that are perhaps experiencing a lot of symptoms. And so persons in retirement can certainly help ease that demand for questions for assessment things like that through some of the telemedicine phone banks, things like that sort."

    The county is working on a way to route the calls to a home phone of those who volunteer.

    Huang is not sure how many retired.  Those wanting to help can contact the country through volunteer@dallas-cms.org