Dallas County Health Officials Like New Vaping Rules

Steven Pickering
January 03, 2020 - 7:39 am
Vaping,  electronic cigarette



DALLAS (KRLD) - The Trump Administration has announced plans to limit the sale of some e-cigarette flavors popular with teens.

The new rules will prohibit the sale of fruit, candy, mint and dessert flavors from small, cartridge-based vaping devices. Tobacco-flavored and menthol cartridges will still be allowed, and the other flavors will still be available through large, tank-based vaping devices typically sold in vape shops.

Local health officials support the goal of targeting the flavors and delivery methods favored by teens.

"Anything that we can try do to try to reduce the use of the e-cigarettes and vaping is a good thing," said  Dallas County Health and Human Services Director Dr. Philip Huang. "Tere's just been a tremendous increase in vaping by youth, and that's been very concerning." 

Although some vaping advocates have expressed concern that some e-cigarette users deprived of their favorite flavors could turn back to traditional cigarettes, Dr. Huang does not believe is a strong possibility.

"The flavors...some of them are gummi bear, bubble gum...I don't think these are what 50-year-olds are going to start picking up," he said.

A teenager died in Dallas County this week from a vaping-related lung illness.