Dallas Police "Discipline" Officer For Actions Before Suspect's Death

Alan Scaia
November 07, 2019 - 7:02 am
Dallas Police

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DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - Dallas police say they have disciplined an officer for actions before a woman's death in their custody last year. Diamond Ross, 34, died after being arrested in August of 2018.

Dallas police have now released body camera video and surveillance video from the detention center where Ross was taken. Dallas police say the video is "disturbing" and shows the officer who arrested Ross never buckled her into the police car and did not seek medical help immediately when she became unresponsive.

Video from inside the detention center shows officers drag Ross into a holding cell and leave her on the ground. They return with a wheelchair. Two officers pick Ross up and lift her into the chair.

Paramedics arrive 12 minutes later.

The medical examiner says Ross died from a drug overdose. The district attorney declined to file charges against the officer because the death was ruled accidental, but Dallas police say that officer "was disciplined for his behavior during this incident."

The department did not explain the discipline and did not say why Ross was being arrested.

"The Dallas Police Department is committed to ensuring excellence during its delivery of service by holding members of our department accountable," Dallas police wrote in a statement.

Dallas police say they released the video "in an effort to be transparent" but only did so after notifying Ross' family.

Part 1 – Body Cam Footage

Part 2 – Dash Cam Footage

Part 3 – Detention Center Footage​​​​​​​