Dallas Zoo Celebrates Saambili's Birthday

Steven Pickering
June 25, 2019 - 4:54 pm

DALLAS (KRLD) - The Dallas Zoo is celebrating the first birthday of baby gorilla Saambili. She was the first baby gorilla born at the Dallas Zoo in 20 years. Zoo staffers prepared fruit and vegetable treats for her on her birthday.

Saambili now weighs 18 pounds and is starting to make gorilla vocalizations. Staffers say she is also starting to spend more time away from her mother, Hope, and is interacting more with other members of her troop.

The Dallas Zoo is asking people to help preserve gorilla habitat in Africa by recycling cell phones. The mineral coltan is used to make capacitors, which are key components of cell phones and other electronic devices. That mineral is mined in Africa and that mining can threaten the natural habitat for gorillas.