Democrat RR Commissioner Candidate Wants Agency To Follow The Law

Barbara Schwarz
July 15, 2020 - 5:51 am

Chrysta Castaneda has never held elected office before, but she does have more than 30 years in the oil and gas industry, both as an engineer and an attorney. 

She cruised to victory over former Texas Democratic state representative Roberto Alonzo in the runoff election. 

Castaneda says she wants to restore the agency to its historical functions "which were to protect our natural resources and our environment and keep the Texas economy strong.  And right now our current Railroad commissioners simply aren't serving that function."

Castaneda says the commission has been breaking laws that have been on the book for 100 years.  "The laws against flaring which is lighting on fire enough natural gas to power the city of Houston if we would only turn it into electricity."

She says she was surprised that the incumbent, Ryan Sitton lost in March.  But its good news for her.  "It's one of our best chances in over 25 years to claim a statewide office on the Democratic side.  I believe that his loss in the primary indicates that Texans really are ready for a change at the Texas Railroad Commission."

Castaneda will oppose Republican James Wright in the general election in November. 

Wright is a business owner in oil field services and waste management.