Denton ISD To Make Change To District's Grading Policy

Cameron Fairchild
May 09, 2018 - 11:09 am

DENTON (KRLD) - The Denton school board plans changes to the district's grading policy.

Teachers and parents have been complaining about the current policy since it was implemented in 2014.

Middle and high school students can re-do major tests and papers, homework and daily work aren't graded, and students aren't penalized for bad behavior, poor attendance, or not turning in work. 

Teachers say the policy rewards laziness and doesn't prepare students to meet deadlines. The district will change the policy - slightly - next fall. Students can only re-test if they have completed all homework and class assignments. 

Superintendent Susannah O'Barah says the change doesn't resolve all problems, but is an improvement.