Denton Officer That Lost His Eye In Inmate Escape Attempt, Out Of The Hospital

Austin York
May 11, 2018 - 3:25 pm
Jason Inman

Jason Inman Officer Fund


DENTON (KRLD) - A Denton detention officer, who lost an eye during an inmate escape attempt, is out of the hospital. 

Jason Inman spent weeks in the ICU after he was severely injured while chasing the inmate. 

Deputies say Inman was watching a prisoner receive medical care at the hospital, when part of the treatment called for him to be unshackled. 

Captain Steve Flannigan says that's when the inmate took off running, and Inman chased after him.

"He was trying to gain control over him and fell, hitting his head on some metal at the base of the wall. He had cranial and orbital fractures. He lost his left eye," Flannigan says.

But despite his injuries, Inman kept running after the inmate.

"The hospital staff had to tell him to stop running so they could tend to him," Flannigan says.

Inman was in ICU and required a breathing tube for several weeks. He has since been released and his resting at home.

An officer fund has been started up to help with his expenses. 

Inman, a 14 year veteran of the department, supports his elderly mother and father.