Divorce Rate Expected To Increase Once Shelter In Place Restrictions Lift

Kristin Diaz
May 05, 2020 - 5:20 am

    China saw a dramatic increase in divorce filings following the lifting of the shelter in place restrictions.

    Family law attorney Jennifer Hardgrave says this is very much a possibility for Texas couples.

    Quarantine stress and the economic hit caused by the pandemic are just some of the factors that are weighing on couples that are considering divorcing.

    Hardgrave says if you are dealing with marital issues, counseling is always great option as well as these three tips.

    Avoid anger, avoidance (or denial) and accusation. She says keeping in mind these three key points are essential whenever confronting your partner in order to have a productive conversation about where you are at in your marriage and whether or not to pursue the divorce process.

    Hargrave also educates her clients that even though courts are closed, with the exceptions of some civil hearings...it doesn't matter in order file for a divorce. You can do it online.

    In Texas there is also a mandatory 60 day waiting period which she adds is a great time to see if whether or not the couple can agree on a settlement.

    Ultimately, Hardgrave suggests divorce shouldn't be an ultimatum. She suggests if a couple is committed to working on the marriage, she highly encourages discernment counseling which helps couples decide if they are in with fighting for the relationship or not.