East Texas Woman Starved Mother

Barbara Schwarz
January 17, 2020 - 4:32 pm
East Texas Woman Starved Mother

Nacogdoches County Jail


DALLAS (KRLD) - A Nacogdoches Texas woman who starved her mother is going to prison for a long time.  Melissa Broussard pleaded guilty to a charge of injury to the elderly in exchange for a 40-year sentence.  

Nacogdoches County Sheriff Jason Bridges says Broussard called paramedics in February.  86-year-old Elizabeth Cooper was pronounced dead at the hospital.  Bridges says that's when doctors called police.

Four months later, Broussard was arrested following an investigation by the Texas Rangers and the sheriff's office.

Bridges says  "I've seen a lot of things in 25 years of law enforcement.  It was very disturbing, it was very horrendous and it was very upsetting."

The 42-year-old Broussard was her mother's caretaker.  Bridges says Broussard had the means to provide her mother with health care and food, but choose not to.