ERCOT Expecting Shift In Electricity Demand Over COVID-19

Alan Scaia
April 08, 2020 - 8:37 am
Power Lines, Power Pole, Utilities


The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is expecting demand for electricity to shift as a result of the spread of coronavirus.

The Texas Department of State Health Services had confirmed 8,262 cases in 161 of the state's 254 counties through Tuesday afternoon.

ERCOT says electricity use has been dropping between the hours of 6 and 10 a.m. as a result of fewer people waking up and using more electricity as they cook breakfast and get ready for work and school.​ ERCOT normally sees another increase in the afternoon as people go home, cook dinner, turn on lights and watch television.

ERCOT started watching how electricity use was changing the week of March 8. The operator of the state's power grid says morning loads have dropped six to 10 percent from normal.

Overall electricity use has dropped about two percent.

ERCOT will announce a forecast for peak demand in the summer in May.