Family Of Atatiana Jefferson Meets With Mayor, Police Chief, Others

Andrew Greenstein
October 15, 2019 - 3:53 pm
Atatiana Jefferson

Jefferson Family


FORT WORTH (KRLD) - The siblings of Atatiana Jefferson met with the mayor of Fort Worth and others inside a home near the central part of the city.

Former race and culture task force member Cory Session facilitated the meeting between the siblings, Mayor Betsy Price, Interim Police Chief Ed Kraus and others.

Session hosted the meeting inside his home in the United Riverside neighborhood.

“The family wanted to speak with the mayor, and we were trying to have it in a place that was not City Hall, not a law office, not something like that,” says Session.

Family members were accompanied by their attorney, Lee Merritt.

One of the leaders described the meeting as “conciliatory.”

“It was just an opportunity for all sides to come together, and it was genuine, says Session.

Session says everyone held hands and prayed together in a circle.

“It’s a God-fearing family,” Session says, “they pray, and all are praying for the best.”

All in all, Session says he was very impressed with the family’s demeanor.

“The two sisters (and) the brother are just some well educated, kind, genuine people that have suffered a great loss,” says Session.

Mayor Price says it’s the first of many steps needed for healing, not just for the family but for the city.

“It’s a tragic situation and we're moving forward as best we can,” says Mayor Price. “We've done everything possible, and we're working on more.”