Deep Ellum Fashion Designer Producing Masks For COVID-19 Pandemic

L.P. Phillips
April 06, 2020 - 3:26 pm

DALLAS (KRLD) - One of the top wedding fashion designers in Deep Ellum is turning his attention to face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Mario Gallegos Junior of Petit Atelier has already fashioned and produced over 200 masks. 

The Centers for Disease Control has recommended people wear the masks for trips to the store and when out in the public, particularly in closed areas.

“It’s basically finding a pattern that fits the face right, cutting them, sewing them together, adding the elastic”  said Gallegos.   “Ours have a little wire in the unit itself.  It helps to mold the mask across the face.”

The demand is there, especially in the hot-spot areas of the country.  Gallegos has shipped masks to New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. 

While the CDC does not claim the masks will protect the wearer, it is believed they could help limit the virus when a person who has the coronavirus breathes or speaks.  The CDC is recommending material that is dense.

“Since we do have the fabric and a higher quality interfacing that’s used for the higher quality gowns, it definitely tightens the weave on those fabrics a little better” said Gallegos.  “If we have it and the  need is out there, why not help by producing them.”

The masks cost around 10-dollars each, are washable and reusable.