Flu Shot Has Benefits For People With High Blood Pressure

Susy Solis
September 05, 2019 - 3:31 pm

© Tero Vesalainen | Dreamstime.com


Flu season is coming and now a new study says getting your flu shot could have more benefits for you especially if you suffer from high blood pressure. People who have hypertension are already at high risk for cardiovascular events like heart attacks and strokes. A new study says that, for patients with hypertension, the flu vaccine can help keep heart attacks and strokes at bay.

The study look at more than 600,000 ages 18-100 from 2007 to 2016, comparing those who had the flu shot and those who did not. The research showed that those who got the flu vaccine:

  • saw an 18% reduction in relative risk of dying from all causes
  • 16% less relative risk of dying from a cardiovascular event
  • 10% lower relative risk of dying from a heart attack and stroke.

The team of researchers also accounted for potential confounders, such as age, other medical conditions, medications and socioeconomic status. The researchers explained the common link between the flu and cardiovascular events, saying that the immune reaction and ensuing inflammation during the flu make shake up a person’s cardiovascular health.

“Those with high blood pressure really do benefit from the flu shot. It’s important to get the flu shot early in the year and it’s really important to get it to prevent heart attacks and strokes,” Dr. Brandie Williams, a cardiologist with Texas Health Physicians Group.