Former Dallas Officer Amber Guyger Back In Court For Killing Botham Jean

L.P. Phillips
August 19, 2019 - 3:57 pm

DALLAS (KRLD) - The judge presiding over the murder trial of former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger held her ground and did not decide whether to move the case today. 

Guyger is accused of killing Botham Jean in September of 2018 after she mistakenly went to the wrong apartment after work. Guyger has told investigators she thought Jean was an intruder.

Defense lawyers want the trial moved to another county, claiming they will be unable to select a fair and impartial jury due to extensive pre-trial publicity. State District Judge Tammy Kemp again told defense lawyers she will see how jury selection goes before ruling on their request 

The judge, prosecutors and defense lawyers then took up housekeeping matters in advance of the trial. 

One matter both sides will try to avoid is Guyger's status. She was fired as an officer and prosecutors don't want her job status to come up at all. Both sides agreed to leave it out of the trial unless a witness accidentally raises the matter. Instead, the two sides say they will limit their witnesses to generic terms.

Jury selection is to begin September 6th with the actual testimony several weeks later.