Fort Worth Man Jailed For Coughing On A Woman While Claiming To Have Coronavirus

Curt Lewis
April 08, 2020 - 5:56 am
Jeffrey Smith

Credit: Fort Worth Police Department

 A man is locked up in Fort Worth where Jeffrey Smith is accused of coughing on someone -- while claiming to have the Coronavirus.

Police say Smith was found sleeping in a laundromat on South Hulen. When an employee asked him to wake up and leave, the worker says Smith coughed on her and then spit in her face -- again, claiming he had the virus.

He ran for it but didn't get too far before police tracked him down. He was taken to the hospital to get tested but the results aren't back yet. However, police say it doesn't make any difference whether Smith has the virus or not.

Just claiming to have it makes it a Terroristic Threat and that's what he's charged with.