Four Charged After Baby Found Past Midnight in Houston Park

Barbara Schwarz
January 13, 2020 - 4:13 pm
Police Lights, Crime

Daniel Tadevosyan/GettyImages


DALLAS (KRLD) - The boy's parents left him in their unlocked, running car late last night and early this morning.  They were in a Shell station in the Harris County city of Humble playing video games.  30 minutes later they went back to their car.

Sergeant Ben Beale with the Harris County Sheriff's office says "When they came out to check around midnight, their car was missing.  They had left their 16-month-old son in the car seat in the back of the car."

A search ensued for the car and the baby.   He was found in a Houston park, dressed only in a onesie by a park ranger, who was locking up MacGregor park. 

The ranger at first thought it was an animal wandering around the parking lot. 

Kerry Clopton with the Houston Fire Department says "It's pretty chilly and there's a lot of wild animals out here.  Things could have ended up differently had the park ranger not come by here and located the baby."

Sheriff's deputies spotted the stolen car in Houston and pulled the suspects over following a short chase. 

19-year-old Vincent Cannady and 18-year-old Jabari Davis were taken into custody and charged with kidnapping and auto theft. 

Both had a rap sheet and had fled from a community supervision residential facility hours before.  The parents, 19-year-old Anthony Blue and 21-year old Kimberly Cook are charged with Child Endangerment. 

The baby was checked out at the hospital and is in Child Protective Services custody.