Garland To Increase Parking Enforcement

Steven Pickering
December 10, 2019 - 6:45 am
Parking Ticket, Parking Citation



GARLAND (1080 KRLD) - City Marshals in Garland are issuing warnings for parking violations in Garland neighborhoods. They will begin issuing parking tickets next month.

City officials say that in the past, enforcement of parking enforcement regulations has not been especially stringent. Those parking tickets were Class C misdemeanors with fines ranging from $80 to $200.

The Garland City Council has adopted a new policy to treat parking tickets as civil offenses with lower fines. Those fines will start at $25 for a first offense, $50 for a second offense and $75 for a third offense within a one-year time frame.

Parking violations, especially in residential neighborhoods, are a frequent source of complaints. City officials say those can include parking on the sidewalk, parking to close to an intersection or parking an oversized commercial vehicle in a residential area.

Enforcement under the new administrative program for parking violations is beginning with warnings only for vehicles that are in violation. However, city officials say City Marshals will begin issuing citations in January of 2020.