Grapevine Couple Believes They Have COVID-19

Barbara Schwarz
March 25, 2020 - 4:46 pm

    DALLAS (KRLD) - Nan Cook and her wife Jane are both waiting on test results. Nan, 65, was tested Sunday and Jane who is 60 was tested Monday. 

    Both have been sick for about ten days and say they ran into some roadblocks getting tested.

    Nan says "The first major symptoms that we noticed were extreme headaches and we just couldn't get up.  We're tired.  When we tried to do something it just knocked the socks off you.  You had to sit down."

    She adds, "I felt like there were a thousand pounds on my chest and it was difficult to breathe.  That's why I went to a care facility."

    A doctor there prescribed antibiotics to stave off a respiratory infection.

    Both are running a fever and are in pain and are working from home as well as they are considered essential employees.  Nan says her laptop wasn't comfortable so a co-worker brought her desktop from the office and left it on her porch. 

    It took her and Jane more than a day finds the strength to bring it in.  

    She says they're not really better yet.  "You have waves of when you feel kind of good, but then you feel like you I think I can cook myself dinner, and you have to sit down while you do that."