Grapevine Sexual Assault Suspect Arrested

Steven Pickering
December 03, 2019 - 5:02 pm
Antony Gonzalez-Acosta

Grapevine PD


GRAPEVINE (KRLD) - A 17-year-old man is behind bars in connection with a sexual assault case in Grapevine. The attack happened in a neighborhood that had seen a series of similar crimes over the summer.

Grapevine Police say a woman was grabbed while walking to her apartment complex on Mustang Drive Sunday night just before midnight. "Detectives were able to get surveillance video from the area and saw the suspect on the video," said Amanda McNew with the Grapevine Police Department. "They were able to talk to neighbors and identify the suspect as Antony Gonzalez-Acosta  and from there...they took him into custody where he did confess to the sexual assault on Sunday."  

Gonzalez-Acosta is currently charged with one count of sexual assault in connection with that incident on December 1st. 

There had been a series of five similar assaults in that same neighborhood between April and July. Most were on Mustang Drive and one was on Main Street. Police say they have identified a suspect in those cases. Because he was a juvenile at the time, police are not allowed to release his name. They did release a sketch of the suspect and surveillance video over the summer. 

"We have been able to close all related assault cases along Mustang Drive," said McNew. "We really appreciate the victims in all of these cases - because they called us right away, we were able to respond. It's taken the entire community working together... and we appreciate everyone for all of their calls and letting us know information so we can keep investigating."