Group Creates First Aid Kits To Help Homeless Mothers

Baylee Friday
December 11, 2019 - 11:05 am
Homeless mother with her daughter



DENTON (1080 KRLD) - A local group is spreading some cheer, and not just during the holidays. Volunteers with MotherToBaby North Texas created nearly 3,000 first aid kits to help homeless mothers.

Mother to Baby is a national organization with fifteen centers across the country and two in Texas. Its goal is to educate new and expecting mothers about exposures that can cause miscarriage, birth defects and learning problems-- also known as teratogens.

Lori Wolfe is Program Director of MotherToBaby North Texas, UNT's Texas Teratogen Information Service. She applied for a grant to help get information about exposure risks to underserved women. After winning the grant, Wolfe and a group of about 10 volunteers got to work.

Wolfe says the group knew they wanted to send out first aid kits ... and to do it in a unique way.

"We wanted it to be a useful item that they could keep and actually use," Wolfe said.

The group decided to load up lanyards with first aid supplies and information about teratogens. Wolfe said the lanyards seemed like an idea that could be useful for women down the road.

"It's got a little zipper on the top and they can strick their phone in it, or put their money in it," Wolfe said. "They can wear it around their neck or tuck it into their clothes.

The group sent out the first aid lanyards to 150 homeless and domestic abuse shelters in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.

Wolfe said the kits were a hit and shelters are already asking for more. The organization wants to keep going ... but says funding and donations will be key to expanding the project.

"We did a health fair in Fort Worth recently and one of the women who came to the fair was wearing one of our lanyards," Wolfe said. "And we just thought that was so neat- - to actually see somebody wearing it."