Head Of Heidi Group Claims Pro-Life Beliefs Drove 'Error-Filled' Report By The State

Chris Fox
November 15, 2019 - 12:39 pm
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The Heidi Group (THG), an anti-abortion women’s healthcare organization, was brought into the Healthy Texas Women Program to replace the recently ousted Planned Parenthood. THG was awarded two contracts to both provide family planning services and to build a provider network of doctors. After 3 years of service, and a contract extension the State terminated the service of THG in 2018.

Last week, the HHSC released a report documenting an investigation that concluded THG owed the state more than $1.5 million in overcharges. On Thursday, the Heidi Group’s leader, Carol Everett fought back against the report saying the numbers are wrong and the investigation was flawed. “I still wonder how you can issue a report without ever interviewing the source of the investigation. We were never interviewed. Our due process rights were violated,” Everett said in an interview after releasing a statement discrediting the HHSC report.

When asked why she thought HHSC leveled the investigation in the first place Everett said, “I believe because we’re pro-life. I know there were people at HHSC that did not like me because I was pro-life and every time I talk to them they tell me I was pro-life, like I needed to be reminded. What difference did that make if we we’re taking care of women?”

Among the various numbers that THG challenges in the final report, is the number of clients served. The report shows that number at just 4,733 out of the 50,000 pledged to be served in the HHSC contract with THG. Everett says this number is another example of the “numerous errors” in the report. “We have 30,499 of those R&S’s (Remittance and Status reports) from Medicaid in our office proving that we served 30,499-+ patients.” 

Everett adds that the termination of the Heidi Group’s from the Healthy Texas Women Program had nothing to do with the work they did. “The contract had two opportunities to terminate us, for cause and for convenience, but we were terminated for convenience not cause.”

Read both the HHSC Final Report and the full Heidi Group statement.