Houston Woman Faces Prison For A Deadly Drunk Driving Wreck

Kelli Wiese
June 27, 2019 - 2:41 pm
Old priston with it's bars locked up

Credit: txking/Getty Images


HOUSTON (KRLD/AP)  - A 21-year-old Houston-area woman has accepted a plea deal that will result in an 18-year prison sentence for a drunken driving wreck that killed a woman and her infant son

Investigators say Veronica Rivas drove her SUV at speeds of around 90 miles an hour along Interstate 45 in 2018. It smashed into a car and killed a woman and her child.

Prosecutors say  Rivas was underage at the time. They say she had been drinking margaritas at a Houston bar. The bartender who served her drinks and two men who bought her drinks were also charged.

Sean Teare with the Harris County District Attorney's office says, "have a plan. There are many ride-sharing options. You can designate a driver. Any of those platforms are going to save lives. So, use them. They are a lot cheaper than if you get a DWI."