Impeachment Hearings Not On Sen. Cornyn's Must Watch List

Chris Fox
November 14, 2019 - 8:03 am
 Senator John Cornyn

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AUSTIN (1080 KRLD) - Watching the US House Impeachment Inquiry is not a top priority of Texas Senior Senator John Cornyn.

On a Conference call with reporters Sen. Cornyn spoke of his lack of interest in watching the House hearings saying he’d wait to see if a House Impeachment ever makes it over to the Senate.

“We’ll certainly consider the evidence and the arguments presented at that time in the Senate. In the meantime we’ve got some other things we need to get done” said Cornyn.

One of those things Cornyn believes they need to get done was his bipartisan Drug Pricing bill, the bill that he tried to fast-track through unanimous consent on the Senate floor on Wednesday while the House impeachment hearing was going on just down the hall of the US Capitol.

Cornyn was unable to get the full support of the Senate for his bill.

He blasted the Democrats for temporarily voting down his drug pricing bill, specifically New York Senator Chuck Schumer. “They know this is an issue of great concern to folks across the country and if this bill passes that takes another arrow out of the quiver to attack me and other Republicans in their reelection campaigns” said Cornyn.