Implosion Of 11 Story Building Planned in Dallas Sunday

Alan Scaia
February 14, 2020 - 12:02 pm
Road Closed Sign



DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - Developers are planning the implosion of an 11 story building in Dallas Sunday. ​The Affiliated Computer Services building near Haskell and U.S. 75 is scheduled to be imploded at daybreak Sunday morning.

In the letter for the permit, developers said they are "aware of the dangers of such an operation and have been working for months to create a design and plan for this implosion." De La Vega Development plans to replace the building with a mixed-use complex.

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The implosion will close U.S. 75 in both directions and several side streets Sunday morning. The frontage roads will also be closed. Haskell Avenue will be closed in both directions from 75 to Capitol Avenue. Carroll Avenue will be closed between 75 and Belmont. ​​

Dallas Area Rapid Transit's rail tunnel runs 120 feet beneath the building. The Blue, Orange and Red Lines will be closed between the Pearl/Arts District Station and SMU/Mockingbird station.

Buses will shuttle people between the stations, but no one will have access to the Cityplace/Uptown station.

"We don't think we're going to have an issue, but we want to be extra sure," says DART's Gordon Shattles.

Shattles says DART is installing sensors and seismographs in the tunnel. DART will also seal vents to prevent dust from getting into the tunnel.

After the implosion, he says engineers will walk through the tunnel to inspect for cracks and verify data from the sensors. Shattles says trains should start running and buses will resume their normal routes by 12:30 p.m. Sunday.

"It's going to be exciting," he says. "I've been one of those people who stands on the side of the road and watches the implosion. It's always fun to watch."​

In addition to the Blue, Orange and Red Lines, these bus lines will be affected:

Route 31:
Inbound to Downtown from Lemmon: Continue Lemmon, right on Washington, regular route.
Outbound from Washington: Left on Lemmon, regular route.

Route 36:
Inbound to Downtown from Blackburn: Right on Cole, left on Lemmon, right on Central Expwy. service road, regular route.
Outbound from Central Expwy. service road: Left on Lemmon, right on McKinney, left on Blackburn, regular route.

Route 409:
Northbound to Parkland from Haskell: Right on Capital, left on Fitzhugh, left on Cole, right on Blackburn, regular route.
Southbound to J.B. Jackson, Jr. Transit Center from Blackburn: Left on McKinney, right on Fitzhugh, right on Capital, left on Haskell, regular route.

Route 521:
Southbound to Cityplace/Uptown Station from Lemmon: Left on McKinney, continue McKinney across Blackburn, regular route.
Northbound To SMU/Mockingbird Station from McKinney: Regular route.​