Infant Who Died In Hot Car Was In The Back Seat For Over 7 Hours

Austin York
August 07, 2019 - 7:21 am
Garland Car Wash



GARLAND (KRLD) - A search warrant reveals that a 9-month-old found dead in a van at a Garland car wash, was in the vehicle for over seven hours.

The father told police he dropped the child's mother off at work on Thursday, August 1, drove home for a few hours then to car dealerships and finally to a car wash, unaware she was in a child car seat the whole time.

He had forgotten to take her to daycare.

The temperature was 97 degrees at that time.

The father told police he made the discovery at a car wash while vacuuming the vehicle. Witnesses told investigators the father was frantic and yelling when he pulled the limp baby out of the van.

During the autopsy, the medical examiner noticed what appeared to be blood coming from the child's nose and a bruise on her forehead.

No charges have yet been filed.