Irving Man Arrested After Roaming Arlington Neighborhood Naked From Waist Down

Andrew Greenstein
November 15, 2019 - 4:12 pm

Arlington Police Dept


ARLINGTON (1080 KRLD) - It was a shocking sight for some folks in Arlington earlier this week.

Late Wednesday night, a man was going door to door in a southeast Arlington neighborhood, asking people to use their phone chargers.

"There were about three or four different neighbors that had some kind of contact with him," says Tim Ciesco, a spokesman for the Arlington Police Dept., "whether it was him knocking on their door or them seeing him on their surveillance systems there at their homes."

What was especially unusual was not what he was wearing, but rather what he wasn't wearing.

"When our officers got there, another neighbor had spotted them and asked, 'Oh, are you looking for the naked man?'," says Ciesco. "So we realized that he was not wearing any clothes as he was doing this.

"He was completely naked from the waist down," Ciesco continues. "I know at least one of the neighbors that he went up to said he was holding a pillow in front of his genital region."

As officers were in the neighborhood looking for him, they came across a parked vehicle blocking the roadway.

"Sure enough, as they were checking that out, a man started to approach them," Ciesco says. "He was wearing just a jacket and no pants."

That man is identified as Walied Taha, 27, of Irving.

Upon further investigation, officers determined that Taha had been driving drunk and arrested him for DWI.

So far, there's no explanation as to what he was doing in Arlington, why he wasn't wearing pants, or whether he will be facing any charges related to his lack of pants.