Lamby's Former Owner Has A New Dog

Austin York
March 20, 2018 - 4:03 pm
Lamb of God Go Fund Me

Lamb of God Go Fund Me


DALLAS (KRLD) - A homeless man in Dallas who had his dog, Lamby, taken from him by the courts, has another dog. 

Lamby was removed from Sean Baugh after it was accused of biting someone. The animal was sent to an adoption agency in Austin. 

Now, residents in Deep Ellum say Baugh has a new puppy and once again is trying to use the animal to get money from people. 

Jessica Brodsky works in Deep Ellum and says she has had many run ins with Baugh and believes the dog is in danger.

"The puppy was just laying still in the basket on his bike. He had a big panda hat on it, sunglasses and doing all the things he did with Lamby," says Brodsky.

She says wants Baugh to at least allow the dog to get checked out. 

"He believes the dogs are sent to him from God and that he isn't doing anything wrong with them. So there is obviously more of a problem than just animal abuse."

A Deep Ellum Facebook page is loaded with pictures of the new dog and Baugh actions.

Dallas Animal Services says Baugh must get the dog spayed or neutered and micro chipped or face fines. As far as taking the dog away, they can't do anything else unless they find evidence of abuse.