Lawsuit Filed Following Deadly Houston Explosion

Barbara Schwarz
January 28, 2020 - 6:12 am
Texas Courtroom



The first of what could be many lawsuits has been filed against Houston plant Watson Grinding and Manufacturing. 

The litigation that was filed is on behalf of one of the two workers killed. 

The blast, which occurred early Friday morning damaged over 200 homes and knocked some off their foundations. It also left at least 20 people injured.  

Houston attorney Mo Aziz says 44-year-old Frank Flores had just gotten to work when the plant exploded. He is asking for a temporary restraining order to secure the sight. 

Aziz says the business didn't maintain propylene tanks to prevent leaks of the hazardous gas. "There are pretty strict guidelines for storage reporting and safety. Additional defendants may be added to the case as the process goes forward."

He says this case is not unique. "It seems to me there is a viscous cycle of these incidents in Southeast Texas in the last two years. The underlying theme is explosive materials in all of these incidents not being handled properly."

He hasn't yet determined how much in damages the lawsuit is seeking for Flores' widow and two children.

Online: See a copy of the lawsuit