Loved Ones Worry About Nursing Home Patients

Barbara Schwarz
July 30, 2020 - 5:41 am

    The anxiety during this age of Covid 19 may be even worse for people with loved ones in nursing and memory care facilities. They can't have in person visitors although they can see their families via computers and through windows.

    Mary Wright McCourt is a voluntary Ambassador to Midland representative Mike Conoway and part of the Alzheimer's Association Congressional team. She says the separation does a lot of harm to the patient as they don't understand why no one is coming to see them. 

    "It does nothing but decline their mind, their body their spirit.  You can't be there to make sure your loved one is eating, that they're getting the proper care that they need" said McCourt.

    She can imagine a scenario where visitors have their temperature taken, wear a mask and perhaps even a gown and gloves.  And if the patient doesn't understand "you could always tell a little fib and say I have a cold and I really don't want to expose you to my cold, so I'm wearing this so I don't make you sick, instead of trying to explain to them what Covid is."

    Her father battled Alzheimer's four 14 years and lived the last four in a memory care unit. "If it were me personally, I would have just moved in with my dad.  Not being able to see your loved one and make sure they're being looked after is just more than I can imagine."