Photo: NBC5

Man Who Killed His Children, Wanted Ex-Wife To Live On Purpose

May 25, 2018 - 12:22 pm

PONDER (KRLD) - The only 911 call that Ponder police received a week ago after a mass murder came from the sole survivor.

The audio recordings obtained by KRLD's L.P. Phillips captures a distraught and panicked mother who realized her kids, boyfriend and ex-husband were all dead. 

Amanda Simpson says on the recordings that her ex Justin Painter was dead in her bedroom and wanted to send a message to her. Simpson says Painter told her she should survive and be forced to live with the consequences of their divorce.

Phillips says it took several minutes before Simpson realized she had also been shot. 

Simpson is still recovering.

A court filing says Painter had been granted a divorce only weeks before the shooting and that he had obtained a restraining order against Simpson. 

Officials say it all started when Simpson's ex-husband came to her home, hoping to reconcile.

Painter allegedly killed all three children and Simpson's boyfriend Seth Richardson.

In a Facebook video posted after the shooting, Simpson claimed her relationship with her ex was troubled, and she told a judge he was mentally unstable.