Mayor Of Dallas Wants To Find Source Of Spike In Violent Crime In The City

Austin York
August 19, 2019 - 5:57 pm
dallas city hall

Photo: Steven Pickering, 1080 KRLD


The mayor of Dallas wants to find out why there has been such a spike in violent crime in the city.

Mayor Eric Johnson announced his first task force as mayor, one aimed at reducing violent crime throughout the city. The task force will use data and best practices to come up with viable solutions.

Johnson says the task force which consists of three community leaders, does not have members of law enforcement on it for a reason.

"I believe in the Dallas police department. But we can't ask and expect police to do it all. We'll never have enough police officers to remedy all that ails our city or prevent all violent crime," he says.

Dallas Police Association President Mike Mata agrees with the mayor's assessment that the answer is not just police.

"It’s got to be more than law enforcement to fix this problem. We have to have members of the community to solve these crimes and prevent them from happening," Mata says.

Johnson expects some ideas and solutions around December for the council to debate.

Through Sunday there have been 132 people killed by murder or manslaughter, up 25% from last year.