Memorial To Mark Four Years Since 5 Policemen Were Shot In Dallas

Alan Scaia
July 07, 2020 - 6:29 am

Dallas police will hold a private ceremony Tuesday to mark the fourth anniversary of the July 7, 2016 shooting.

The shooting killed four Dallas police officers and one DART police officer.

Dallas Police Officers Lorne Ahrens, Michael Krohl, Michael Smith and Patrick Zamarripa were killed, along with DART Police Officer Brent Thompson. Nine additional officers and two civilians were hurt before the gunman was found and killed with a robot bomb.

Police estimate about 800 demonstrators with a "Black Lives Matter" group were walking through Downtown Dallas to protest the shootings of Philando Castile in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Louisiana days earlier.

"It was a very peaceful protest, and those officers were walking side-by-side with the protesters," says Dallas Police Association President Mike Mata. "At the very end, somebody who felt so much hatred toward the police profession came to Dallas and decided to kill Dallas officers."

The investigation showed the gunman targeted white officers.

Mata says the death of George Floyd has drawn renewed attention to the role police have in protecting peaceful demonstrations.

"Activists always complain, 'Why is there such a strong police presence? Why do we have people on top of buildings?'" he says. "It's because four years ago, we put officers in the ground who were protecting a Black Lives Matter protest."

Dallas police have held public ceremonies, but this year's event will be private to avoid a large gathering.

The families of the officers who were killed are planning to meet for a private service at police headquarters. Police are also planning a minute of radio silence at 8:58 p.m. Tuesday to mark the moment the gunman began shooting.