Mexico Taking Extraordinary Measures To Stop Spread Of Virus

Barbara Schwarz
July 10, 2020 - 5:28 am

    One reporter says everyone she saw wore a mask and observed social distancing.

    Joy Diaz, a producer and reporter with the radio magazine show the Texas Standard just returned from spending three weeks in Mexico.  "One of the things that was super interesting to me, having grown up in Mexico City, was to see the city without people.  It's one of the largest cities in the world.  There were no street vendors.  All the storefronts were closed with hopeful signs as we see here in Texas, 'we will get out of this, we will succeed together.'

    Grocery stores are open as they are essential businesses. "But coming into a supermarket meant that you stepped into a sanitizing mat to clean your feet, that you put sanitizer on your hands, that they took your temperature and that you wore a mask." 

    No children are allowed inside and only one person per family can enter.

    She says the government has invested in this safety campaign, including "giant billboards of famous celebrities pointing at the highway if you were driving on the highway and saying 'what are you doing here? Go home.' 

    At every bus stop the bus stop had signs of this is what social distancing looks like. This is where your mask goes.  Cover your mouth and nose.

    She said  at stoplights you would "hear a siren and a recording that asked 'what are you doing here?  This is a high danger zone. Covid-19 is an infectious disease. Go home. Cover your mouth.  The police want you to know face masks are mandatory. Reminders are everywhere,

    She said an Uber driver told her "we are not getting checks like you all are.  If we don't stick to these norms, if we don't flatten the curve and end the pandemic, we cannot get back to work and we don't have a safety net or unemployment checks.  It felt like everybody was taking it seriously because it's the only option to make sure there's survival after this."

    She says it was difficult to get interviews "people would physically back away from me when I approached them. They took physical distancing very seriously."

    She says while hospitals in Mexico are overwhelmed, it's only those that treat Covid patients.  The others are not, so elective surgeries can still be performed.  Plus the non-Covid hospitals can take the overflow.