Non-Profit Expands Local Food Deliveries To Hospitals

Alan Scaia
May 11, 2020 - 12:33 pm
7740 Dallas Delivery

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DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - The non-profit, 7740Dallas, has started making deliveries to another hospital in the city. The group is now delivering meals to the VA North Texas Health Care system.

"A lot of the staff, a lot of the nurses, they're veterans themselves," says Jacob Tindall, a co-founder of 7740Dallas. "It's veterans helping veterans. It's definitely got a special place in my heart to be able to help."

7740Dallas began delivering meals in April. The non-profit started delivering meals from seven locally-owned restaurants to seven hospitals.

The group says it has earned enough donations to continue through the end of May. Tindall says the group delivered 4,200 meals in April and is delivering 1,000 meals a week this month.

Tindall says the deliveries can show appreciation to health care workers while also helping restaurants stay in business.

"It's hardly enough at 25 percent or even 50 percent capacity to be able to support the restaurants," he says.

Since the group started making deliveries, Tindall says he has heard from smaller organizations and churches in other parts of Texas that are looking to replicate the system on a smaller scale. He says one church might try to raise money to buy meals from a restaurant and deliver them to a single hospital.

"It's all curbside delivery at the hospitals, but they are incredibly grateful, and we're very excited to be able to do it," Tindall says.

As restaurants begin to reopen, Tindall says the reduced capacity still highlights the group's mission. While other groups are looking to start similar programs in other parts of Texas, he says 7740Dallas may try to start deliveries at hospitals in Fort Worth and may expand the mission to help others who have lost their job.

"I think there's a real possibility that we'd be able to jump in and support some of the Fort Worth hospitals," Tindall says. "It's such a replicable idea, we'd love to go to other cities and help out. Just right here, in our own backyard, there are a lot of families in need of a good, warm meal. It would be wonderful if we could expand it to that as well."

Babe's Chicken Dinner House is one of the local restaurants providing meals. The group of restaurants says it is donating meals in-kind for each meal bought for delivery to a hospital.

The group is taking donations at their website