Dallas Businesses Cleaning up from Tornado

Alan Scaia
October 23, 2019 - 12:16 pm

Alan Scaia


DALLAS (KRLD) - Businesses in North Dallas and Preston Hollow have started cleaning up from Sunday night's tornado. The North Dallas Chamber of Commerce says dozens of businesses were damaged.

"It pulled air conditioners off. There are gaping holes in the roof," says Michael Zimmerman, the owner of the shopping center at Walnut Hill and Marsh. "We're trying to dry it out. We're going to have a brand new roof."

Windows were broken and siding was damaged on the building. Zimmerman says looters arrived at the liquor store in the shopping center almost immediately.

"They went into Spec's ten minutes after the tornado and stole the liquor," he says. "We took down some cell towers that are up there [on the roof]. Right when it hit the ground, trucks were over here, stealing the equipment. Literally, before they could come off the roof, there was a truck stealing the equipment."

Zimmerman says he will contact an engineer to make sure the building is structurally safe before business owners are allowed back in. He hopes shops will be able to reopen in about two weeks.