North Texas Native Details Story of Surviving COVID-19

John Liddle
April 08, 2020 - 1:12 pm

DALLAS (KRLD) - Surviving COVID-19 is no cakewalk.  And a Fort Worth native knows it better than most.

Tommy Shapard grew up in Fort Worth, went to Southwest High School, graduated from Baylor University, and is currently working toward his doctorate in pastoral music at SMU.

KRLD - John Liddle

His normal life in Jacksonville, Florida took a terrible turn last month when he developed COVID-19 symptoms shortly after returning from a family spring break trip.

But without a fever, he had terrible trouble getting health care providers to test him or treat him like he had the coronavirus.

A two week battle with the initial symptoms left Tommy tired, but hopeful that he was turning the corner.

But in just one day that changed.  His breathing became uncontrollable, and he was urged to go to the emergency room by his nurse practitioner.

What followed was a battle for survival.  And 18 critical hours that would decide his fate.

He wrote about the experience for the Fort Worth Business Press.

And he talked with KRLD’s John Liddle about the emotional journey.