Puppy Buying Websites That Scammed Texans Shut Down

Baylee Friday
January 13, 2020 - 12:49 pm



FORT WORTH (1080 KRLD) - A string of online puppy scams tricked people across the U.S. out of thousands of dollars. 

An investigation by the Better Business Bureau found that 11 related websites, all traced back to a person based in India, were used to scam people attempting to buy certain breeds of dogs, including Frenchies and Chows. 

Each phony business used a real Fort Worth address on its website, but the BBB's investigation found that none of the addresses were actually associated with the scams. The sites have been shut down, but Amy Rasor with the BBB warns that the'll be back. 

"That's kind of the way they operate," Rasor said. "They shut one down, then start a new one." 

One woman taken in by the scam traveled from Houston to Fort Worth to pick up her new puppy, only to find that the address she'd been given belonged to a random family caught in the crossfire. Another person was told his puppy would be delivered by air, but it never shipped. He later learned from the airline that his tracking number was fake, and there was no puppy. 

The BBB reports that in the last four months, these puppy scams tricked 16 people out of about $10,000.

The victims of the scam tell authorities the websites look legitimate, and in many cases consumers are even asked to fill out contracts. 

Officials warn against buying pets from strangers online, especially without first seeing it in person. They also recommend paying in credit to dispute charges. And, most importantly-- if a deal seems too good to be true, it usually is. 

List of busted scam sites/companies:

Fluffy Frenchies

Fluffy Samoyeds

Kingdom Chows

Loyal Chows

Smiling Samoyeds

Pride Akitas

Star Chow Chow

Sturdy Bulldogs

True Frenchies

Stone Akitas 

Playful Frenchies