Pizza Box Company Gets Incentives for Dallas Plant

Steven Pickering
January 22, 2020 - 3:40 pm



DALLAS (KRLD) - A company making a biodegradable, round pizza delivery box will open a new manufacturing facility in southern Dallas after getting tax breaks from the city. Zume, Inc. plans to spend about $250 million on its new facility south of I-20 and just east of I-45. The Dallas City Council approved an economic development deal with Zume on Wednesday.

"The project that we've been working on is intended to build a new manufacturing capability here for us to product food packaging material that is fully compostable and made from agricultural waste products," said Brendan Peter, Vice President of Government Affairs for Zume Incorporated. "I can't tell you how excited we are to come here to Dallas and begin manufacturing the next great agricultural product here that we're seeing huge demand from the market for."

Zume's new round, plant-based box is already being tested by Pizza Hut in Phoenix, Arizona. 

"They project they're building here will be a one-million square foot facility," said Council Member Tennell Atkins, who represents the area in southern Dallas. "The residents of District 8 are happy, especially with more jobs in District 8."

Zume agreed to pay its workers at the facility a minimum wage of $15 an hour. The deal for property tax breaks with the city calls for Zume to create at least 324 full-time jobs in Dallas by December 31, 2021. At least 40 percent of those jobs will be filled by Dallas residents. 

"When you're asking for taxpayer dollars, it is important that the people you employ are able to make a living wage," said Council Member Omar Narvaez. "We always talk about the south and how we need to invest and invest. Well, we're investing the right way now."

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