Garland Police Release Surveillance Video Showing Road Rage Shooting

Alan Scaia
September 05, 2019 - 7:19 am

GARLAND (1080 KRLD) - Garland police are releasing more information about their investigation of last month's road rage shooting. A driver on Centerville Road shot and killed another driver on August 22nd.

Police never arrested the driver who fired he shots, killing Francisco Pasillas, 33.

They have now released surveillance video they say shows Pasillas throw something at the other car before the other driver starts shooting. Garland police say detectives conducted a recorded interview with Pasillas' wife. They say Pasillas was "mad" because the other driver cut him off.

She told police Pasillas threw a glass bottle at the pick-up truck. Police say the surveillance video "is consistent with statements given by Pasillas' wife."

Garland police say the driver of the car went to the Rowlett police station to report what had happened. They say he agreed to be interviewed without a lawyer present.

Police say the other driver told them he started shooting because he was in fear for his life. He said he did not know what had hit his truck.

Police say the driver and passenger both said they "heard a loud pop" and the rear window shattered, sending glass into the cabin of the truck.

"This shooting is a tragic example of senseless road rage, impacting the lives of numerous people in multiple families.  The Garland Police Department investigates all crime to the fullest and will make sure charges are filed as appropriate," Garland police wrote in a statement.

The case has been referred to a grand jury to determine whether the other driver should be charged. Police have not released the name of the driver who shot and killed Pasillas because he has not been charged.