Puppy Rescued From Car Wheel In Bastrop County

Kelli Wiese
April 09, 2018 - 3:54 pm
Puppy Stuck in tire wheel

Bastrop County Animal Services

BASTROP (KRLD) - A rescued puppy in the Austin area is creating all kinds of talk. 

It all started when a puppy got its head stuck in the center of a car tire, Evan Jacobs of the Animal Services Manager for Bastrop County told KRLD. 

"I was the only one available (when the call came in). So, I went down to the owner's house. There was the puppy stuck in the tire. I was pretty amazed. I had never seen anything like that."

He says they tried to free the puppy and then called firefighters.

"They used the jaws of life and several other tools and nothing worked," Jacobs said.

Then one of the firefighters lifted the tire up and stretched the dog out. They found the sweet spot and the puppy's head came out of the tire. 

"Everyone was excited. The puppy was definitely happy," Jacobs added. 

He says the puppy's mom was excited and started cleaning off the puppy. He also says the puppies and their mom are going to be spayed and neutered. 

The puppies will be up for adoption, he said.

Wags for Hope and Healing and the Bastrop County Animal Control and Shelter are handling the adoptions.