Racist Graffiti Found Along Arlington Street

Andrew Greenstein
August 27, 2019 - 4:58 pm
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ARLINGTON (1080 KRLD) - The police chief in Arlington is speaking out after racist graffiti was found in the city.

Police Chief Will Johnson says the first discovery was made behind a business on East Arkansas Lane, but it would not be the only one.

“Since that time, we've discovered multiple locations where we've had identified hate crime graffiti that was spray-painted on several businesses and signs in the area,” Chief Johnson says. “Some of it was out in front of businesses where (they were) predominantly in plain view of the motoring public, and then some of it was more obscure.”

Johnson says it appears the perpetrator spray-painted graffiti on anything he or she could find.

“It’s as if the suspects then moved down the block and started graffitiing multiple businesses and multiple signs in the area,” says Johnson.

Investigators are canvassing the area, looking to identify a suspect.

Says Johnson, “Are there any video surveillance footage that captured the incident and/or do we have witnesses that were in the area?”

City workers have spent hours working to remove all of the graffiti.

Johnson says hate crimes is something he and the department take very seriously.

“Hate Crimes is one of those crimes that extends its victimization beyond the immediate victims or the property owners in which the graffiti was painted on, and it impacts the broader community,” Johnson says. “And for this reason, hate crimes has been a paramount importance to the Arlington Police Department.”

And Johnson says the department is taking a proactive approach to combatting hate crimes.

“We absolutely have to show intolerance to those types of crimes,” says Johnson, “because we don't want to project any instance where somebody believes that this might be some accepted form of behavior.”