Residents Caught In Middle Of Dispute Between Addison, Farmers Branch

Andrew Greenstein
April 04, 2018 - 2:33 pm

Alexki23 |


ADDISON (KRLD) - People in Addison find themselves caught in the middle of a dispute between their city and Farmers Branch.

The dispute started back in 2011 when construction of the Vitruvian Park development began along Farmers Branch Creek.

Farmers Branch says the development is polluting the creek -- a notion that Addison City Manager Wes Pierson disputes.

"The TCEQ has never asserted a water quality issue against the town," Pierson says. "To date, the water quality information that's available does not indicate that the town has impacted the water quality of Farmers Branch Creek at all."

As a result of the ongoing dispute, Farmers Branch has terminated library services to Addison residents, and it's now imposing a $500 annual fee for Addison residents who use their senior center.

Farmers Branch Deputy City Manager John Land says the city has worked in good faith to resolve the dispute with Addison.

"We've gone through mediation; we've gone through TCEQ commissioners, and they've sided with us," says Land. "They're being fined for their violations."

Pierson says Farmers Branch is punishing Addison residents who have nothing to do with the dispute.

"This action, we believe, is unfair to our citizens," says Pierson, "and we just really don't understand how that contributes to resolving the dispute."

But Land says it's his residents who have been punished.

"Our citizens are being punished by having polluted water go down the creek and having the creek dry up," says Land.

In addition, Farmers Branch says it will not participate in the rebuilding of Midway Rd., have ended an agreement to share refrigerated storage for dead animal disposal and have given Addison what it says is an unreasonable deadline to fix an unmetered Addison sewer line that's been flowing into Farmers Branch's sewer system since the early 1990s.