Richardson To Get Neighborhoods “Back To Normal” As Quickly As Possible

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October 21, 2019 - 1:36 pm
Richardson Tornado Damage

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RICHARDSON (1080 KRLD) - Richardson Mayor Paul Voelker would like residents to know all resources needed to respond and recover from last night’s severe weather event are being called into action to get neighborhoods “back to normal” as quickly as possible.

“There is a significant amount of damage that has severely impacted many of our residents,” said Mayor Paul Voelker. “We have mobilized every department in the City and activated all necessary mutual aid agreements with our partners in the region and state to respond and recover from this event as quickly as possible. We are also working with local power and gas utilities to support their repair efforts. I would like to commend the work of our first responders, both with government and with our local utilities, for their tireless work overnight to search for injured people, clear roads, repair vital utility services and for all the work that is still to come. I would also like to thank those people in our hardest hit neighborhoods for the support they are providing to their neighbors in our community’s time of need. Our combined work and community spirit will help us to overcome this challenge, and I ask everyone to seek out any opportunity where they see they can be of assistance.”
Resources from the local, regional, state and even federal level will be activated as needed, if necessary.

While emergency crews continue to assess the damage, there are many hazards still left in storm-damaged areas where people need to take precautions.