Selena Tribute Artist In ICE Facility

Barbara Schwarz
November 08, 2019 - 4:26 pm

Getty Images


DALLAS (KRLD) - A Selena Tribute artist is being held in a detention center in South Texas. 

Karol Posadas, who fronts Anything for Salinas had just finished a Texas tour when she was stopped by Border Patrol last Saturday, November 2nd, at the airport in Harlingen. 

She was trying to fly home to Los Angeles.  Her friend Rodolfo Setien says she's a DACA recipient and there was a lapse between her previous application and the new one. 

He says she's being kept at the El Valle ICE detention center in South Texas and the conditions are terrible. 

He says there aren't enough beds or mattresses.   "She's sleeping on the floor on pieces of paper.  She lost eight pounds in less than a week because she's not being fed enough.  She was denied personal care products for that time of the month.  It's just horrible."

He adds she's being denied medical attention for her heart condition.  

He's started a Go Fund Me campaign to paying her legal fees.  "We need to pay for her bond once the bond is set.  We need to pay for filing.  We need to pay to get Karol back to California. She's not allowed to receive anything from the outside so anything that she needs inside the prison needs to be purchased so we're sending her money for that too."