Sheriff Believes Missing Retired Dallas Firefighter Committed Suicide

L.P. Phillips
April 02, 2018 - 3:24 pm
Michael Chambers

Dallas Fire Department


QUINLAN (KRLD) - The investigation into what happened to a retired Dallas firefighter from North Texas will go on, but investigators have all but closed the books on finding Michael Chambers alive.

According to an exclusive story from KRLD's L.P. Phillips, Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks believes Chambers jumped off the two-mile bridge on Lake Tawakoni and committed suicide. 

Chambers disappeared March 10th of last year.

Police found a few drops of blood in his rural Quinlan workshop, but nothing that led them to believe there was a struggle.

For months, the family has searched without finding a trace of Chambers. Now, KRLD News has learned cell phone records may hold the key.

Sheriff  Meeks says an expert was able to track Chamber's phone. Meeks Chambers' cell phone last pinged on the bridge. The same phone signal showed Chambers was traveling far too slow for a car, and much faster than a walk. Meeks thinks the speed was consistent with a bicycle.

"I really feel like he jumped in there himself and committed suicide," Meeks told Phillips Monday. 

When authorities went to search for a bicycle in Chambers shop, it was missing. 

"We re-checked the shop where the blood was found and there is bicycle missing that was hanging on the racks above the shop," Meeks said.

Meeks adds Chambers had been suffering from severe depression for about three weeks, but he declined to say why. Dive teams have searched the area twice but haven't found his body. 

Authorities may go search for a third time, however, diving conditions are dangerous because of low visibility and because there are tons of concrete and rebar underwater from when the bridge was rebuilt.

When reached for comment, a member of the firefighter's family told KRLD that they disagreed with the Sherrif's assessment that Chambers killed himself.