Slavery Exhibit Based On Jefferson's Plantation To Be Displayed At State Fair

Alan Scaia
June 19, 2018 - 12:17 pm
State Fair of Texas

Credit: J.Burkett Photo


DALLAS (KRLD) - Dallas will soon open an exhibit that looks at the history of slavery at Thomas Jefferson's plantation.

The African American history museum here at Fair Park will host slavery at Jefferson's Monticelloo during the State Fair of Texas.

Dallas city councilman Kevin Felder says the exhibit offers a chance to look at the issues of race more closely.

"It makes it important for Dallas because Dallas has a history of issues with race," Felder says.

Gail Jessop White is a descendant of slaves at Monticello and Thomas Jefferson himself.

"It's an important time in American history to be having conversations about race, the legacies of slavery and the meaning of Thomas Jefferson's words, 'All men are created equal,'" White says. 

Dallas is the first stop on this tour. White says 1.5 million people saw the exhibit at the Smithsonian in Washington.