Some Fort Worth Houses "Uninhabitable" Following Storms

Alan Scaia
June 17, 2019 - 10:44 am
Fort Worth

Alan Scaia


FORT WORTH (KRLD) - The Fort Worth Fire Department says two houses were left unsafe after Sunday's storms and will need to be demolished. Monday morning, red tape crossed the garage doors of the two homes in Far North Fort Worth.

"I just felt super-horrible for these people here," one woman said while she cut up a downed tree in her yard. "These poor people."

She says she feels lucky because the tree fell between her house and the neighbors. Damage to her home was limited to the roof and leaking in the attic.

"My family's still safe, so I'm happy," she says, smiling. "My daughter asked me, 'Well, what kind of tree are you going to put there, now?' I told her I really haven't thought that far ahead."

MedStar says two people were injured in Fort Worth because of a downed tree.

In the subdivision near 35W and Heritage Trace, people were cleaning up debris and taking pictures for insurance Monday morning. A couple walking nearby said they were surprised to see so much damage, even though they only live two streets away.

"Their houses are destroyed, some cars destroyed, it's really sobering," the woman said. "But it's really nice to see the community. Everyone was out last night, even while it was still raining, helping people pick up stuff, cut down trees and using chainsaws."

Fort Worth says people can leave vegetation along the curb for pick up beginning Monday, but the city says people should not leave storm debris or construction material.