Some Health Care Pros Furloughed in Age of COVID-19

Barbara Schwarz
March 30, 2020 - 4:50 pm

DALLAS (KRLD) - You would think doctor's offices would be bustling these days of Covid-19.  And you would be wrong.  Christie Blanco is the president of Texas Nurse Practitioners.  These health care professionals can diagnose, prescribe and treat patients. 

She says there's a shift from primary to acute care services and health care professionals are being furloughed.  "I just spoke to a biller this morning, who bills for many Texas practices.  She said that she has seen a 60% reduction in billing at the moment."

She's seeing an increase in telehealth visits but they are not seeing reimbursement parity.   "I spoke to one clinic, a federally qualified health center, and they said that they're going from 70 dollars for one face to face meeting, they would usually get reimbursed 70 dollars. Certain insurances for the exact same visit, but via the use of telehealth, they're getting paid seven dollars."

She says when the COVID crisis is over, they expect a huge surge in demand for routine health care services.